The Best Way to Reach College Renters

Landlords of college area rentals face a unique situation compared to their colleagues. Student renters tend to move more frequently regardless of the landlord or property, meaning landlords have to spend time and money every year to refill their units. Rent College Pads was built to solve this particular dilemma. We specialize in connecting our landlords to the modern college renter. Skeptical? Talk to us personally, read some testimonials from our customers, and explore our site to get to know us better!

We'll prove ourselves to you time after time, guaranteed!


Listing on Rent College Pads saves you time in a number of ways. Easy listing setup can be done by you or our team to get your RCP experience started. Once your properties are live on our site, the leads will start coming to you so you can get your units rented faster.

Like us enough to use us again? Property data can be put back up quickly from the previous year in your account. No more starting from scratch each time you want to list.


Time is money, but actual money is also money. Historically, our customers have had such success getting their units rented, they are able to judge raising rental rates accurately each year. We make our customers more money for less by being the primary resource for college area rentals.


Our unique business model puts quality first. Our customer service, user interface, and leads generated reflect our dedication to this. Leads from our website are more likely to convert to signed leases than our competitors' and our users tend to be better tenants all around. When you list with us, you automatically get our top-notch customer service that works all day everyday to make sure you are getting exactly what you need.